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Use dry erase markers and save paper by
sliding the game boards into
page protectors
OR laminate the game boards for added
durability. I recommend the
Scotch Thermal Laminator.
I LOVE mine!
Make the game...
How to Play...
Supplies Needed:

use Education Cubes with the dot or number insert cards).
More Princess Resources...

  • More Princess themed books {Mama Jenn}
After making the Racing Race Cars Game for the boys, my daughter
wanted a game that was girly...just for her. Since she loves her
and the Frog Tiana Toddler doll, I decided to make something along those
lines. Hence, the Princesses & Frogs game board!  
The game is very easy to play and lots of fun!
Use a 1-6 numbered dice of some sort.
(We love using our
Education Cubes with the dot insert
cards and the number insert cards.)

Roll the dice/cube and mark off the corresponding
number on the game board. Help each of the princesses
follow the floral path to get to their frog prince!
(i.e. Mark off all of the numbers and place a check
mark in the box at the end of the path.)  

As a special treat, be sure to add
a photo of your little princess
to the game board!

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