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As a mom of five, I have found that when it comes to
homeschooling my children, planning ahead and being organized
are extremely helpful to use having fairly smooth running days!

Hence, through the years, I have developed some lesson planning
pages that have been beneficial in the various different stages of
our homeschool journey.

You can find those printable here! Hopefully they will be helpful for
you in your homeschool journey as well!
My Homeschool Planning Pages

I created these planning pages to use along with our workboxes. We tweaked the workbox system to meet our needs and I wanted
something to help with planning what assignments would go into each box (in our case bag). Included in the download is the basic
weekly planning page, a weekly planning list, and calendar pages. For detailed explanations about how I used the planning pages,
visit my
Homeschool Planning Pages blog post!

Download my Homeschool Planning Pages Here!
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Calendar Board
Homeschool Planning Pages
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Workbox Planning Spreadsheet
Our Workbox System