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We LOVE using our Magnetic Phonogram Tiles.
We spell on the refrigerator, cookie sheets,
white boards...anything magnetic! (We really
like using the tiles with the Read it. Spell it. Write
it. page shown above.)

I got the idea for the magnetic phonogram tiles
curriculumcurriculum AND the  AND the All
About Spelling websiteAll About Spelling
I love making learning fun for my kids and spelling is no different!
Below are some printables that I have created to add a bit of
hands-on fun to practicing spelling words!
Read it. and Write it. Activities
SpellQuizzer is one of our most favorite
ways to practice our spelling words. Basically,

you create the spelling list and record your
voice dictation of each word. Your child can
practice their spelling words (with or without
you) and still hear your voice dictating the
words that you
entered into the program.
Not only has it helped to improve my kid's spelling, but it also
provides some extra keyboarding practice! LOVE IT!!!
Read my
SpellQuizzer review!
Magnetic Phonogram Tiles
These are some fun little hands-on printables that I made to help my kids practice writing their spelling words.
Click each title for the download which also includes instructions for using the printables!
More Spelling Activities
More Printables & Enrichment Activities Coming Soon...
You can use my pdf file to make your own magnetic phonogram tiles. (Click on the image to
the left to download). Visit my
DIY Magnetic Phonogram blog post for instructions and
tips on how to make them!

As an option, you can also
purchase magnetic phonogram tiles from the All About
Spelling website!
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Read it. Stamp it. Write it.
The Read it. Stamp it. Write it. pages are
some fun, multi-sensory printables I
created to help practice spelling words.
The pages coordinate  with our
Spell to
Write and Read curriculum.
For detailed instructions,
visit the corresponding
Read it. Stamp it. Write it.
blog post
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More activities
coming soon!!!
Download the Spelling BINGO Board.
Visit the
Spelling BINGO blog post for details
about playing the game!