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Aa Apple {Instructions}
Bb Butterfly...coming soon
Dd Dinosaur {Instructions}
Uu Us {Instructions}
Cc Cow...coming soon
Ee Elephant...coming soon
Jj Jewel...coming soon
Ii Insect {Instructions}
Ff Frog...coming soon
Gg Goat...coming soon
Hh Horse...coming soon
Kk Kangaroo...coming soon
Oo Octopus {Instructions}
Ll Leaf {Instructions}
Yy Yellow...coming soon
Mm Moon {Instructions}
Pp Penguin...coming soon
Rr Rock...coming soon
Tt Turtle {Instructions}
Ss Sun {Instructions}
Nn Nest {Instructions}
Qq Quail...coming soon
Zz Zebra...coming soon
Ww Water {Instructions}
Vv Vegetables...coming soon
Download the MFW
Kindergarten printables here!
Part 1 (Lessons 1-9)
Part 2 (Lesson 10-18)
Part 3 (Lessons 19-26)
These FREE printables were created to be used along with the My Father's World Kindergarten curriculum, which we use and love! We created
a keepsake book with all of our "Words to Remember" using a 3-ring binder and page protectors.
{Scroll down to download all the printables. Click on the
thumbnail image OR the "Instructions" link beneath each thumbnail for directions to make each of the crafts.}

PLEASE NOTE: These copywork printables are only for advanced or older students who are reading and writing easily. This type of copywork is
not a regular part of My Father's World Kindergarten curriculum.
 (Printables are shared with permission of MFW.)
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