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Flap, Flap, & Fly! is a fun little game that I made to go along with the
Baby Bird by Joyce Dunbar. Use the game board to help Baby
Bird flap, flap, and fly out of his nest by moving along until he reaches
the end, where he has learned to fly!
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How to play the game...
Directions: Print and prepare the game board and Education Cubes. Choose six Flap, Flap, & Fly Education Cube insert
cards, with at least one being the Baby Bird card. Roll the cube. Using a place marker of some sort, follow the instructions
on the cube. Move the marker along the game board to help Baby Bird fly out of his nest. A few "friends" will try to slow
him down, but by advancing along the game board, Baby Bird will learn to fly.
Baby Bird by Joyce Dunbar is a cute little book about a determined baby bird who
wants to learn to fly. Although he first climbed out of his nest and flop..flop..and fell, Baby
Bird doesn't let anything stop him from learning to flap..flap..and fly!
To play the game, you will need the Education Cubes insert cards
designed specifically for this game board. You can access the Flap, Flap,
& Fly insert cards by
joining the Education Cubes Members Only Site.  
Flap, Flap, & Fly insert cards can be found on the Members Only Site within the "Other" category under
"Made for Game Boards.")
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