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Want a fun way to show the magic of color mixing?
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The first printable shows how the primary colors
can be mixed to make the
secondary colors.
The second printable shows how to make the
tertiary colors!
Check out the Color Wheel activities!
Supplies Needed:
There are a few things that you will need
for this activity:
Color Themed Books:
- food coloring (red, yellow, and blue)
- paper towels
- a dropper (we used an old medicine   
- a cup for water
- 3 containers/cups for food coloring
- toothpicks
- Color Wheel printables
Use page protectors OR laminate the
Color Wheel printables.
I recommend the
Scotch Thermal Laminator.
I LOVE mine!
First, dilute the food coloring a bit.
Place a drop of food coloring onto the
corresponding dot on the laminated
Color Wheel printable.
Next, use the toothpick to mix the
colors in each circle.
Once all the circles of color are mixed
together, place a paper towel over the
Finally, lift up your color wheel and
discuss how each color was made!
A big thank you to Itty Bitty Love for this wonderful idea!
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