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I love the idea of Calendar Time and have implemented it into
our homeschool day. However, over time, I have gradually made
changes to our Calendar Time. We are still using our
notebooks (I love that the notebooks provide individual calendar
work for each of my kids), but I have changed things up a bit. I
have since made some improvements to our
old calendar board
that have really streamlined our Calendar Time. I LOVE our new
calendar board set up and I am excited to share it with you!!!
Everything you need to make your own can be found on this
page...including free printables!
THE DATE: I created this Date printable with all of the
days of the week, the months, numbers, and years. I put
them on
round metal rings. Each morning the kids flip the
cards so that the appropriate date is displayed.
The main change with our NEW calendar board is that it is now made up of a bunch of “flip charts” on metal rings. So, I don’t have to
keep up with anything because everything we need is right there on the board! No more missing pieces…no more having to remember
to set the pouches out each night…etc. Each day the kids still do their
calendar notebooks and they take turns updating the calendar
board. As opposed to me going over the calendar board, the kids also take turns "teaching" each morning.
Supplies Used:
OBEDIENCE PRAYER: I downloaded this from Totally Tots. I slid it into a page protector. Periodically I change it out and slid
in other pages for my kiddos to go over.

MY ADDRESS: I downloaded this from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Although it is not filled in in the photo, it now has our
new contact info on it so that the kids can learn our new address and phone numbers.
MAKE THE DATE: This is from our old calendar board. I just
added a strip of
velcro onto it so that we can display the date
in coins. For example, on the photo to the left it is April 28th.
So, there is 28 cents displayed on the board. Notice the extra
coins hanging on a strip of velcro on the side. FYI, there are
velcro dots on the back of the coins so that the kids can
practice with real money.
SHAPES: I downloaded the shape cards from (Click the link and scroll down.
Click on Shape Flash Cards to download.)This
time I included the 3D objects. I printed them,
laminated them, hole punched them, and added
them to

FLASH CARDS: (bottom left corner on poster
board) I hole punched a few sets of flashcards
(colors & states) that we go over as well.

WEATHER: I used the download from Confessions
of a Homeschooler. Each set of rings has all of
the possible weather choices on it. We start the
week with all of the cards turned facedown. Each
day they turn over the cards and flip through to
find the appropriate card to represent the day’s
We still use our calendar (shown on the below)…just as
before. There are
velcro dots on each box on the calendar as
well as on the back of each number card. The bag that holds
the extra calendar numbers is attached to the side of the
board…as is the bag of extra
wooden sticks for the place value

So, hopefully that will give you a better idea of our new
calendar board setup. I am LOVING that everything is all in
one place. Plus, the kids get a kick out of all the little flip charts!
How I Made It: The board itself is just a piece of
poster board. I used some adhesive hooks as
well as thumbtacks to hang the rings onto the
board. First, I printed,
laminated, cut, and hole-
punched all of the pieces. So, I’ll start explaining
all of the different parts…
DAYS IN SCHOOL: I was inspired to create the Days In School printable after seeing it on Homeschool Creations.
However, I created my own version of the printable and the numbers so that there was enough space to hole-punch
them and hang them on the
rings (with enough room for them to hang inside the boxes.) The rings are hanging from
thumb tacks. We keep track of how many days we have been in school…while working on place value at the same time.
I love the visual aspect of adding the cups underneath it. (I found them at the Dollar Tree and stuck them onto the
board with velcro.) The kids add a stick for each day.  I wanted to use plain ole popsicle sticks, but my cups would not
hold enough of them. So, I found these
smaller sticks at Michaels. Once they have ten sticks in the cup labeled “ones”,
we rubber band them and move them to the cup labeled “tens”…and so forth.
Calendar Board