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We absolutely love our Racing Race Cars much so that
I have made quite a few other game boards with the same general
concept. Featured here are the Astronauts to Earth game boards.
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Use dry erase markers and save paper by
sliding the game boards into
page protectors
OR laminate the game boards for added
durability. I recommend the
Scotch Thermal Laminator.
I LOVE mine!
Astronaut Books...
Make the game...
Ways to Play...
Astronauts to Earth ~ SHAPES
Included in the Astronauts to Earth download are game boards to help reinforce
the following concepts: numbers, colors, and shapes. There is also a blank game
board that can be used to fill in any information that you would like!

    We love using our Education Cubes with the game. Insert the
    desired cards. Roll the cube. Mark off the appropriate cloud
    beginning at the respective spaceship. Continue marking off
    clouds until all the astronauts get back to Earth (i.e. all of the
    clouds are marked off)! While this is only one way to play, there
    are many different variations. Be creative!!

Visit the link(s) below for more ideas and to see the game in action.

Astronauts to Earth Game {Mama Jenn}
         ~ Spaceship Color insert cards {Education Cubes}
Supplies Needed:

~ Dry Erase Markers
~ Paper
Laminator or page protectors
~ Dice...if you don't have
Education Cubes,
another fun option are
Write-On Wipe-Off Dice.
Other Astronaut Resources...
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