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This page was created specifically for the members of Mary Peterson's Games For Learning Yahoo Group.
Welcome and thank you so much for your interest in joining the Education Cubes Members Only Site. Please be sure to visit the
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The special Education Cubes Membership discount for the Games For Learning Members has ended. If you are interested in joining,
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visit main blog for more information. By joining, you will gain access to over 200 different sets of insert cards for your blocks!
With no renewal fees, you will also have access to ALL the insert cards that are added AFTER you join! The membership also includes
blank set of Education Cube insert cards that you can write or draw on to create your very own customized insert cards! So, the
educational possibilities are virtually endless!
**Please note, blocks are sold separately: Purchase blocks here or below via Amazon

Once you have the password, you are free to download any of the 200+ insert cards for your Education Cubes!
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* There will be
no refunds of any kind. If you are unsure about joining, please contact me with your questions. You
download a sample set of insert cards from the FAQs page. If you can download the sample page, you will be
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